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We understand that the process of obtaining the Best Reiki in Orange County is full of twists & turns that can be both confusing and frustrating. We've committed ourselves to removing the confusion and frustration out of the process. We work on your behalf from beginning to end...The reiki result is a less expensive Reiki Healing and an experience that is worth sharing with your friends.


The current interest rate market is fairly volatile with rates changing daily. We recommend that you call us at 888.835.0761 to find out what today's rate is. We further recommend that you fill out our online reiki application so that we can lock in your interest reiki rate when they hit their lowest point. Our interest rates are guaranteed to be less than any Wells Fargo Morgage - we invite you to compare!


We invite our Spanish Speaking friends to communicate with us En Espanol. Start by visiting our Pagos de Hipoteca.


Brokers and Loan Officers with 2 or more years experience may be interested in a Mortgage Net Branch


Our Brokerage is a proud member of the Mortgage Leads Network of Websites. Reiki Web Professionals are invited to contact us for more information. A company can help brokers reduce the monthly reiki credit card payments of their mortgage clients.

Morgage Calculator - What Will Your Payments Be? The difference between a morgage broker and a morgage lender is that a broker counsels you on all of the loans that are available from lenders and walks you through the loan process from the beginning unto the end. A Morgage Lender such as Wells Fargo typically only has their own products to offer.

What's A Good Faith Estimate? This is a list of all the charges you are likely to pay when obtaining a loan. Lenders and Brokers must provide this to you within three days of applying for a loan.

What Are Morgage Points? These are finance charges typically paid at a loans closing.

What's A Rate Lock? This is an agreement between the borrower and lender to guarantee a specific rate for a specific loan program. They are generally time-sensitive and limited to 30 days.

What's The Difference Between COnforming And Jumbo? Conforming loans are those which conform to Fannie Mae guidelines. One of the guidelines is that the loan be less than $417,000. Any loan above that amount is therefore non-conforming and is referred to as a jumbo morgage. You can use our morgage glossary to search for the definitions of other common loan terms.

What's APR? This stands for Annual Percentage Rate. It is typically higher than the actual rate because it takes into account the fees that are considered finance charges. The Morgage APR was designed to give consumers the ability to compare morgage loan offers.